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Chiropractic Postural Exam and X-ray

Here at Wise Cracks Chiropractic, we offer a full X-ray suite allowing us to create a chiropractic structural baseline for each practice member. Through careful examination and x-ray analysis a custom tailored plan is crafted to address both structural and functional needs.

X-ray is a powerful tool that allows us to assess the structural integrity of your spine and areas that might not be hurting but are showing early signs of degeneration. Your health is too important for us to guess, so we don't. Only by gathering all the information with careful analysis can you make the best health choices.

Wise Cracks Chiropractic - Providing advanced structural corrective chiropractic adjustments, traction, and manual therapies.

Functional Posture Screening

Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply trying to keep yourself moving, chiropractic is for everyone!

Our digital posture screen combines the structural information gathered from X-rays with a window into how your nervous system is functioning, its your Posture.

Your body's ability to communicate and perceive itself in space is critical. From simple daily tasks to high performance elite athletic moves, spatial awareness is a key component. Your postural analysis will highlight areas of neurological and muscular imbalances which may be limiting this vital communication.

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