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Extremity Adjusting and Manual Therapy

We know whether you are on your feet all day running around or just feeling the soreness daily life can deal out, the ability to keep going is critical. Aching hands and feet can be suffering from misalignment between bones just as easy as the spine. With 26 Bones in the feet alone, our office is truly focused on restoring you from the ground up!  

  • Hands

  • Feet

  • Elbow

  • Knee

  • Wrist

  • Ankle

  • Shoulder

  • Sinuses

  • TMJ

Chiropractic has the ability to help in reaction time, improve balance, and allow the brain to coordinate all functions of your body. Perfect for athletes of all levels! Don't just get by keep going and crushing your goals. Chiropractic can be a key prevention strategy to many common injuries.

But lets face it, most of us at one time or another had that minor muscle pull or had a minor sprain in our life. Scar tissue is the body's attempt to heal the soft tissue damage. We address soft tissue dysfunction with gentle vibration and neurological stimulation!


  • Relax Tense Muscles

  • Restore Fine Joint Motion

  • Post Exercise Muscle Soreness

  • Release Deep Fascia

  • Improve Circulation

  • Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage

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